Monday, August 10, 2009

In Search of Peace and Strength

I headed down unknown roads in search of peace

I found a circus in the middle of a bean field

Is this a sign?

I meditated

I saw beauty

And the beast...

I felt God's power

I reached new heights

I traveled many walkways

And sat beside cool waters

I honored my family

I learned to fly

And then to soar...


  1. I did find peace, which I very much needed. When I came home I needed the strength I had acquired during solitude because my father had been scammed while I was gone. Four men showed up at his house, all wearing Nextel type walkie talkie phones. One man told him that my sister owed him money, handed him a $100 bill and said he need change. The man asked my father where the Mrs. was and who all lived in the house. He followed my father into the house uninvited then, very strangely..... put on gloves.

    Two men were outside when my sister returned home from work. They called her over to the side of the house to show her basement windows that needed to be fixed. She said they were speaking Spanish and using the phones to talk to each other.

    Thank God my sister came home when she did because I think that scared them off. My father ended up being out on $50 by the time it was over. They got in their van and left right after she showed up.

    Yes, we called the police and they are looking into elder abuse scammers. No, they haven't caught them.

  2. OHhhhh....These were vile human beings! I hope they get caught and soon!

  3. Holy crap! That's crazy. Hard to comment on your peace and solitude when that kind of thing goes on! Hope your dad is ok. That would shake anybody up.

  4. That's horrible about your dad ... but since we know he's ok, I'm wondering about that circus in the bean field? Is that something you've posted about before, that you've actually seen before, or that you found a photo of? Because if I'd found that circus in a bean field, I'd for damn sure have had someone take a picture of me on one of those carousel horses! I mean, really, how cool would that be to stumble across that! And by the way, what were they doing there?

  5. I was driving over to Gilman, Illinois in search of the Heartland Spa, down a two lane highway and Whoa Horsey! It was smack out there in the middle of a bean field. I had to drive up to the next farm house and turn my car around, walk out into the bean field and snap the pictures! It was pretty crazy! Most of the other pictures were taken at Allerton Park, now owned by University of Illinois. Check out the story behind that guy!

  6. Ok, just like the photo with the purple squiggly flower in your garden post, I've returned to this post to look at those carousel horses! Is this their forever home, where they've been sent in retirement, where they will live out the rest of their lives? If I were to drive to Gilman, Illinois, would they still be there? I wonder if I google Gilman I will find out something about them...

  7. Wander, I think those carousel horses have been there for years, the way they looks. If you are driving to Gilman, you can't miss them!

  8. Wander, you made me google!! Here's what I found:

    Horsin' Around in Fairbury by Eric Colclasure of The Bugle

    On page 5 of the Friday, April 11 (2008) edition of The Bugle, we asked
    “What’s the story?” and included a photo of several carousel horses
    found in a farm on the south side of Route 24, just west of Fairbury.
    Thanks to our readership, we were able to get the story straight from
    the horse’s mouth.

    Bob Wenger, a semi-retired farmer who lives in Fairbury, actually
    started the carousel horse herd unintentionally. Over 25 years ago
    he put a plastic rocking horse atop a breather tile line (used for a farm
    drainage) to mark it. Wenger explained, “The wife nearly took it out
    cultivating because I just had a steel post stuck in it." Breather tiles
    stick straight up in the field and often become difficult to see when
    the crops grow tall.

    Wenger got the first horse from the city trash collectors at
    Fairbury. That horse hasn’t ridden alone, though. In all, up to 31
    carousel horses have appeared in the field; about a dozen or so
    remain now. Wenger said, “I’ve had to get rid of quite a few of them
    this year—last winter’s harsh weather conditions were really bad on

    Although many people say it’s raining cats and dogs during the
    spring season, Wenger might claim carousel horses fall from the sky,
    or so it seems. Many drivers have noticed the horses off Hwy. 24,
    and have simply decided to donate their horses to the farm. “Some
    people just drop them off at the road, and then I’ve got to put a post
    out and put them in the field.”

    With a few exceptions, Wenger doesn’t know where the horses
    come from. While he has received horses from as far away as Dallas,
    Texas, his favorite story comes from Lafayette, Indiana. “I got that
    one in February 2005,” he said. “The donators had come back April
    17 and wrote a story on the horse’s mane, like the horse was telling
    it. He was a kid’s play horse, and they had been in Indiana for 55
    years. It said he never had a name, but he was a Hoosier and the folks
    were moving to Maine and they left him for me to take care of."

  9. That is just too exciting and incredible! I had also googled, but didn't find this! In fact, I found nothing! I'm going to copy this and put it in my to do file ... if we're ever out that way.

    Thank you so much for sharing the photo in the first place, and for the research! How fun!


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