Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Do You Have On Your Shelves?

In answer to an Open Salon's Umbrellakinesis Open Call, "What Do You Have On Your Shelves?" I give you this:

I think if you click on the pictures, they will enlarge (don't mind the dust!)

Shelves #1 Hummels and Lladros... Memories of when my children were growing up. All were gifted to me by my ex-husband because they reminded him of our children in one way or another. I am waiting for my kids to take them off my hands, but so far, no takers. I'm thinking e-bay! The vase was given to me by a girlfriend who found it in the attic of the home she purchased.

Shelves #2 The rose plate belonged to my great Aunt Cele along with the woman waving her fan and the tea set at the bottom. The virgins are reminisces of my Catholic years. I still believe in Mother Earth. The steins were gifts from my ex-husband, also, from his travels to Europe.

Shelf #3 More Lladros (gifts from the ex waiting for the children to take). My crystal ball, a music box I purchased at the Music Box Museum in Switzerland when I lived there, glass vases from Venice when I visited, a painting from China and the small box was a gift from my daughter.

Shelf #4 (I have lots of shelves!) My collection of small boxes made in France and England, another music box from Russia and a crystal vase from Sweden (another gift from the ex). He did give nice gifts, didn't he? And, of course, a photo I took of my son.

My rock collection... I'm not sure what all of them are, another music box my mother purchased when she came to visit me in Switzerland. Sadly she died last year. Two toads! One for me and one for my daughter because we are princesses and princesses have to kiss alot of toads before they find their prince!

This picture is for Chuck! My leopard chair! Next to it are three handmade glass boxes and a picture of my Aunt Cele, her sister that passed when she was about 7, and my mother's high school graduation pictures.

I am sick of dusting!!!!! What do you have on your shelves???


  1. I love your stuff! Especially the rose plate, the inlaid music box, and the toads. Maybe, instead of ebay, you could hold a silent auction with your blogging buddies!

  2. Oh, I would so love to have your crystal ball. And that leopard chair! Lock your doors!

  3. Glass paperweights... I have lots of them, and sea shells from various beaches I have visited.. books, books and more books... family photos...the "old" things we are finding at the evening older house...

  4. Ditto everyone on the leopard chair. I take it you and the ex are on relatively friendly terms, since you haven't broken everything he gave you!

    My shelves contain mostly books! Knick-knacks ... hmmm ... a japanese bridal doll, kokeshi dolls, redwood platter with a chrysanthemum design, three japanese silk screens, a silk tapestry made by my great-great grandmother, a couple of sumi-e scrolls, and packed away in closets in case my sister or niece want them, a horde of crystal, porcelain, wood and bamboo figurines and more sume-e paintings.

  5. You have good tastes and good gifters. Ebay buyers will take them off your hands. Glad to know you have outgrown them all.

  6. love this post - I may steal it!

  7. Wander, that might be what it comes down to!

    Lawyers Mom & Betty.... Can you say TJ MAXX??? I got both of those items there!

    Karen, I have my books all shoved on shelves in my son's room. He is none to happy!

    Kobico, I love Asian goodies! My daughter has a wonderful silk painting given to her by a friend in China. I searched my walls for a place to hang it, but it is so big it doesn't fit! : (

    lakeviewer, I'm thinking that traveling light these days is best! I feel a change coming on... have no idea what, but the time has come!

    Carey, please do! I'd love to see everyone's shelves. I am such a little voyeur.


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