Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at the Castle in Peoria

Full Moon
Dark of Night
Scary Faces
What a Fright!!

A few more steps
I'm not scared
I'm near his Laird!

They can't hurt me!
No they can't!
What's that I hear?
A witch's chant?

Quiet now
I hear a scream
I'll get my loot
It's not a dream!

I'm so brave
I've got my sword
Mom? Oh, Mom!
Where's the Ford?


  1. This house actually exists in little old Peoria, Illinois! Spooky music and all!! Every year the owner of this house and his friends create the greatest Halloween ever! He's been doing it for over 32 years! Does he hand out candy? Oh, no.... You get a pencil that you can keep forever. It says, " Happy Halloween From The Castle!"

  2. Wow, he goes all out! I feel like a schlub for only putting out a couple of little pumpkin lanterns. I wonder what the house likes the rest of the year.

  3. Looks like some of my relatives!

  4. Looks like the perfect place for Halloween!

  5. Love the poem to go with the photos! But I'm with my 4yr old grandson on this one - I don't like the scarey part of halloween, just the funny costumes and the candy!


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