Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Afternoon With My Father

His eyes once looked like Paul Newman’s eyes

Now they are watery with age

His hair was once thick golden blonde

Now there seems to be a shortage

His back once stood tall and straight

Now he shuffles when he walks

His lips were full like swollen grapes

Now he dribbles when he talks

His only love left him so all alone

Fifty-eight years of marital bliss

She left his side less than a year ago

His one and only exquisite princess

His heart aches and aches and aches

Four daughters cannot find a cure

He sleeps and dreams of her each night

The other side is his allure

He sees her standing at the kitchen sink

He tries to help her with the dishes

She slowly dissipates before his eyes

All he has left are heartaches and wishes

I love him now more than ever before

My father’s frailties are clear to me

His sadness, his longing and his love

Have all become so plain to see

His strength is fading, without a doubt

For, now he too, cannot wait

She waits for him, I know its true

He sees her there, at Heaven’s Gate

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Need.......

It’s Sunday, and in my book, that’s PLAY DAY! Dutchbaby did a funny meme on her blog today and I have decided to play along. What you do is type "(your name) needs" into Google search and list the things that it comes up with. I know it’s not rocket science, but hey, it’s FUN! Try it… Here’s what I came up with:

Lois needs to bring her “A” game! (Oh, Yeah!)

Lois needs more action (duh)

Lois needs spunk (I think I already have that)

Lois needs a harder edge, more brass (Balls?)

Lois needs rescuing (not so much)

Lois Needs Quagmire's Car Keys (who the hell is Quagmire and what kind of car does he drive?)

Lois needs to meet Bob ( I was married to a Bob for 25 yrs soooo… I’m thinkin’ not so much)

Lois needs her Superman (Well, duh? Don’t we all!)

Lois needs a career (My ex-husband would agree with this)

Lois needs a date for the wedding (Is this my wedding or someone else’s? Big difference, ya know)

Lois needs to get laid like Bush needs less brain cells. (no comment)

Lois needs to keep exploring Little Africa. (I don’t think so, read here )

Lois needs to stay awake in order to prevent an alien invasion of Earth (I’m workin’ on it)

Lois needs to get a little more gutsy and get herself a job at the Daily Planet (I’m workin’ on this too)

Lois needs to stay away from the plastic surgery! (I promise not to have any more! I do, I really do!)

Lois needs more energy and a cup of tea (doesn’t this sound nice?)

Lois needs help (I often do!)

Lois needs to be both more political and more sexually aware. (God, these two take a lot of work!)