Thursday, February 11, 2010

While I'm Getting Ready For The Travel Channel To Find Me....

I believe in signs. Not just the usual "OMG! You are headed into snake skin curves!" or "Yo! Look out for crazy falling rocks that might hit your car and send you careening off into a ditch" signs. No, I believe in signs from God! or The Universe... whichever you prefer. I believe that if you pay attention or listen hard enough, you will be given answers to your questions. Now, these answers don't always come in ways that you would expect them and they don't always come when you want them, but sooner or later.... you get your answer.

I was sitting at my dining room table yesterday, thinking of my poor deceased mother. "Damn you! You secretly knew Dad was going to turn out like this so you died first," I berated her, even though I couldn't see her. I pondered this statement as I looked out my window and BAM! A cardinal flew into the bushes and stared at me for a good 5 minutes. I knew it was her! Or at least her spirit come to haunt me. She had a thing about cardinals and redbirds. "The first sign of Spring," she always said.

My phone rang. My good friend and life coach, Tori, invited me to her yoga class, reminding me that I need a break and I knew a few deep breaths would do me good. Let's face it, if one is going to be the star of a new travel show, (read previous post) they should probably be in good traveling shape! Please, sit back and let me share this wonderful experience with you.

Heading Om Yoga Studio

Our fabulous yoga instructor, Tammy Mitchell

All relaxed now! Sorry, Mom..... oh, and thanks for the invite, Tori! (I think Mom must have whispered in her ear, don't you?)