Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hang Ten, Baby!!!

My nephew, aka The Stud, flew out to Los Angeles last week
to visit my daughter and learn to surf!

Here's her brother-in-law, my nephew, her husband
and a high school friend of my nephew. (cute, huh?)
Can you tell he was a line backer in college?

Getting ready to go!

And...... He's up!!

Then, drinking!
(that gorgeous blond is my daughter!)

And.... more drinking!

Which leads to this...

Next day, lunch at the same restaurant where Mel Gibson drank a wee bit too much,
just before he asked the nice policeman if he was a Jew.

And my personal favorite!!!
Diddy Riese!!

He flew back on a red eye flight Sunday night and arrived in Chicago safe and sound!

My daughter said they didn't sleep all weekend!

I love having kids! And I love that they have cousins they still play with, even as adults!

Many thanks to my sister for having such great sons!

I love you all!!